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Turkey – Istanbul and Cappadoccia

We met up at the Airport raring to see Istanbul...

Turkey is such an enormous country so with the 10 days we had there, we had to choose just a couple of places to visit. Our First stop – the capital, Istanbul.

Cape Town, South Africa

Panoramic View of Table Mountain... You can trek up to the top or if you want an easier option, there is a cable car to get you up, down or both...

Cape Town is such a beautiful place nesting between the backdrop of Table Mountain and the stunning Waterfront, and for a tourist there is so much to see and do here. Having spent a week here back in 2007, we had already enjoyed so many beautiful sites so this time around we were fitting in a few new things.

Overland Safari 2 – South Africa

The South African Diary.... (is much shorter than the others) Day 27: Crossing the border into South Africa was pretty exciting for a couple of reasons. The first being that we were getting closer to our final destination - the very beautiful Cape Town. The 2nd being that we would be taking the road through the ...

Thanks for your patience….

Dear loyal readers, We apologize for our lack of postings, our main computer is broken (and it's very difficult to fix a Mac in Tanzania). We thank you for your patience and will hopefully get something up shortly. In case you are wondering what's been happening well, since skiing in Austria we spent an amazing three weeks ...

Ireland – Ahh the luck of the Irish

Our lovely hosts - Marty and Aiofe

Before the weather started turning bitterly cold, we decided to take a trip to Ireland. Our friend Marty Xureb has been living there for a number of years after meeting the gorgeous Aiofe. So after a rather stressful early morning flight (picture two crazy people charging through Stanstead Airport only to make the flight by a minute, we arrived in Dublin.

New Video: Cruising around America in a Motorhome…

We know it was a while ago but please check it out anyway By The Shaw thinks its half amusing!!! We'd love you to 'Like' it on facebook and perhaps watch other webisodes we've made in the past!! There will be more to come, more frequently too... Cheers httpv://

RV Trip USA – Alcatraz, aka The Rock

Just thought we do a quick post on Alcatraz as it is one of those ‘must go and see whilst in San Francisco’ kind of things. For those who don’t know, Alcatraz was once an Army fortress, a military prison and then, most famously a Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary. It is now a National Park and an extremely popular tourist attraction. Its the scene for cracking movies like Escape from Alcatraz (Clint Eastwood) and The Rock (Sean Connery).

RV Trip USA – Seattle and Portland

There was a great view of the whole city from The Space Needle.

After our magnificent experience in Yellowstone National Park we got back on the road and headed towards the west coast of USA. The drive, along a long one was stunning at times. The Cascade range in Washington State was particularly beautiful. Seattle was the next major city on the journey. Located right up the top left hand side of mainland US, extremely close to the border of Canada and Vancouver. We only spent a day here but we got a feel for most of the city from the Space needle which gave us a great view of the city. We highly recommend a visit to this 184 metre high tower that has become the symbol of Seattle.

USA Road Trip – Beginning in Colorado

Our Mobile Home for the next 30days

From the beaches of Central America we embarked on something that perhaps is more for the older folks than us but a way to travel that we thought would be so much fun. We hired a Recreational Vehicle (RV) through Cruise America and drove around the US. Below is our home on wheels.

Mexico – Playa del Carmen

Cancun is bustling with shops, restaurants, bars and huge hotels

Deciding to indulge in a little more R&R on the beach, we flew from Costa Rica to Cancun, hired a car and made our way to Playa Del Carmen. We hadn’t booked any accommodation on arrival in Cancun but we were quickly advised by the Tourist Helpdesk to look for places that were ‘All Inclusive’. All inclusive is basically a rate that covers accommodation, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and all drinks (tea, coffee, juices, soft drinks, beers, wines and fabulous cocktails).

Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia

Tigers in India
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