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RV Trip USA – Back to Colorado and the Rodeo

Cowgirls parading in their Stars & Stripes before the big event.

Before we returned the RV there was one thing we particularly wanted to see in America and it just so happened to fall on the night before the RV was due back. It was a good old fashion Rodeo (PBR – Professional Bullriders Association) just outside of Denver in a beautiful town called Evergreen. We were were so excited about seeing the bull riding but also the the people too and we certainly were not let down. There were cowboys and cowgirls everywhere which created a really fun and vibrant atmosphere. It was like you see in the movies.

RV Trip USA – Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas

We saw quite a few of these oil rigs pumping throughout the state.

Sadly for us we only had a few more days before we had to return the RV in Colorado. Friends from Texas (Jim and Glenda) whom we met in Mexico invited us to come and see them and so from New Mexico we made our way to Dallas Texas to catch up. On the way we got a real appreciation for just how big Texas is. And its as big as they say it is. It was probably the most boring driving we had done. It was really flat and desolate, with the occasional oil rig pumping away in the middle of a paddock.

RV Trip USA – New Mexico and Billy the Kid

Us with our US soldier buddies at a cigar bar in Albuquerque.

Having cooled down after our Grand Canyon effort we were back in our mobile home and making our way to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Elissa’s cousin Bridgee (who will feature later in our trip) studied at the University of New Mexico for a number of years and so we decided to check out this city based on her recommendations. Its a fun town – we visited the Old Town, wandered through the City Centre and had a great night out meeting a couple of US soldiers. Albuquerque is located at the base the Sandia Peak which is also well worth a visit as it lays claim to being the world’s longest tramway and has some incredible views.

RV Trip USA – The Grand Canyon

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Awesome hole...

The Grand Canyon National Park is yet another NP in America that caters so well to tourists. Information centres provide free maps of the entire region, there are camping sites and picnic sites scattered around, restaurants and cafes (if you need them) and here particularly were some fabulous walking tracks that can definitely fill up a day.

RV Trip USA – San Diego Zoo

Javan Rhinos are rare. Pete was really excited to see them in the flesh

San Diego Zoo is renowned as one of the best zoos in the world. Pete had always wanted to visit this place so we got back on the road and headed down from LA to San Diego. San Diego is extremely close to the Mexican border and is about two hours from LA.
This zoo really is an incredible place and deserves it first class status. It has a terrific range of animals (4000 or s0), like giant pandas, Indian rhinos and polar bears to name a few and most of the exhibits in which the animals are displayed are fantastic. Both enriching/stimulating for the animals and pleasant to look at for the visitor.

RV Trip USA – Universal Studios & Disneyland

We don

There is not a lot to say about Universal Studios and Disneyland except that they were two very fun days for us. We went to Universal Studios first and basically spent the day doing every tour, seeing every show and jumping on every ride (more than once). The tour around the Studios is good fun. We got to see the sets for various movies and TV shows such as Jaws, War of the Worlds, Jurassic Park, Wisteria Lane – the set for Desperate Housewives and the list goes on…

RV Trip USA – Los Angeles

One of many signs we photographed... we just had to

So by now we were breaking up the road trip with a nice balance between nature/wildlife and city/urban tours and our next stop was Los Angeles. We allocated about 3 full days here allowing us time to check out the city, beaches, streets etc and then spend a full day at Universal Studios and another full day at Disneyland.

RV Trip USA – Yosemite National Park

We have arrived...

After 4 brilliant days in San Francisco we were back on the road and heading for Yosemite National Park. The drive from San Fran takes around 4 hours or 190 miles and as we arrived around midnight, we conveniently parked our mobile home on the side of a road and waited until morning to begin exploring.

RV Trip USA – Alcatraz, aka The Rock

Just thought we do a quick post on Alcatraz as it is one of those ‘must go and see whilst in San Francisco’ kind of things. For those who don’t know, Alcatraz was once an Army fortress, a military prison and then, most famously a Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary. It is now a National Park and an extremely popular tourist attraction. Its the scene for cracking movies like Escape from Alcatraz (Clint Eastwood) and The Rock (Sean Connery).

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