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Archive for February, 2011

Interlaken, Switzerland – Christmas with Leonie and Mike

On the 22nd December, we packed our bags and left Zell am Ziller en route to Interlaken. We were meeting Elissa's parents there for a White Christmas and would spend the next 3 weeks travelling through Switzerland, France, Belgium and finish in The Netherlands. The first 5 days of this trip was spent at a gorgeous ...

Thanks for your patience….

Dear loyal readers, We apologize for our lack of postings, our main computer is broken (and it's very difficult to fix a Mac in Tanzania). We thank you for your patience and will hopefully get something up shortly. In case you are wondering what's been happening well, since skiing in Austria we spent an amazing three weeks ...

Zell am Ziller, Austria – Hitting the Slopes

The coldest winter in 70 years hits London....

We finished our 5 month stint in London in mid December just as winter really hit – apparently this was the coldest winter London and in fact Europe had experienced in close to 70 years…. half our luck. The day before we were due to fly to Austria, Easyjet sent us a message to advise that our flight had been cancelled due to heavy snow fall. We were literally stuck in London and looking at every possible way to get to Austria including asking a taxi driver how much it would cost us for him to drive us… about 1500 pounds.

English Countryside – Brighton, Bath and Beyond….

Brighton Beach. Southern England

Brighton is really the closest thing the UK has to a beach. Actually it is a beach but not like we know them. The sand is pebbles and they are large ones at that, but it is a nice coastal town that is worth a visit if you have time to get out of London. It takes an hour and a half by train but the cost of a return train ticket (approx £20 pp) is not much cheaper than hiring a car so if we had our time again we would drive therefore giving us more freedom….

Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia

Tigers in India
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