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Ushuaia, Argentina

We had one day to check out Ushuaia before boarding our ship for a 10 day Expedition through Antarctica. This small town is very picturesque, quiet and friendly. The main strip - San Martin is filled with tour companies offering trips to Antarctica or just day trips to nearby islands where you are guaranteed to see ...

Iguazu Falls

<p>The Falls are 2.7kms wide between Argentina and Brazil</p>

There are a couple of ways to make your way to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires. We chose a 19 hour bus ride that left at 8pm and arrived in the town around 3pm the following day. While a 19 hours sounds a little tiring, buses in South America are made for comfort and….

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First Stop – Buenos Aires

Sky scrapers of Buenos Aires with wetlands in foreground

Our first few days of travel we hit Buenos Aires in Argentina soaking up the sites and sounds.  We were never big believers in Jet Lag but on this trip it exists!!!!! We were walking zombies for the first day or two as we checked out the city. It’s a pretty cool place with a few things you should see when you visit.

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Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia

Tigers in India
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