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Berlin to Munich – An Amazing History Lesson in Germany

The first photo was always going to be one of the Brandenburg Gates

With the weather starting to change slightly, we grabbed a cheap airfare to Berlin to spend a week checking out this incredible city and then travel by train down to Munich. As many will know, both places hold such an incredible place in History and we absolutely loved the tours that we embarked on….

New Video: Cruising around America in a Motorhome…

We know it was a while ago but please check it out anyway By The Shaw thinks its half amusing!!! We'd love you to 'Like' it on facebook and perhaps watch other webisodes we've made in the past!! There will be more to come, more frequently too... Cheers httpv://

Zakynthos / Zante – Greek Island Getaway

The Greek Islands from the air

When you talk about the Greek Islands, most people will either know or have been to Santorini, Mykynos, Ios…. however we decided to take a bit of a gamble and through Flight Centre booked a 7 day getaway on what they call ‘Allocation on Arrival’. This deal included return flights to Zakynthos or Zante, return transfer from the hotel, and the hotel was literally allocated once we stepped off the plane (or so we thought)…..

UK – English countryside, Scotland and Wales

A lazy day of punting. Students earn a few quid taking passengers around Exclusive and beautiful Cambridge University

We were very keen to see the English countryside and then make our way to the neighbouring Scotland and Wales before we ventured overseas to mainland Europe. Did you know that Scotland, England and Wales are not technically independent countries. The country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain (but don’t make the same mistake Pete made and tell a Scotsman that). We hired a car and spent the next week or so driving around Great Britain. Cambridge University was our first stop which was an hour and a half north of London…

London – High Tea and Brunch, a bit la di da for a backpacker!!!!

Sipping tea from Paul Smith finest teacups

When visiting London, treating yourself to High Tea is a must. While Pete booked himself into a few Soccer games, Elissa enjoyed an afternoon at The Berkeley in Knightsbridge with Georgie Spring. Afternoon Tea at The Berkeley is described as mouth-watering Prêt-à-Portea delicacies with a fashionista twist.

London, UK (Arrival and sporting moments)

Pete on

Finally we are posting from the continent we are currently residing in…. (thanks for your patience loyal viewers)

Before departing Australia, we arranged UK holiday working visas giving us the option to base ourselves in London, find some temporary work, but mainly to be on the doorstep of Europe and take advantage of cheap flights and trains to as many cities as possible.

Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia

Tigers in India
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