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Below are our Youtube Videos we have made for various parts of the journey: The order of webisode indicates the order in which we filmed/visited the destination.


Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 20 – Extreme Sports in Africa –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 19 – Highland Games Scotland –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 18 – Columbia Road Plant & Flower, London –


Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 17 – Madagascar volunteering –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 16 – Gorilla Trekking –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 15 – Overland Safari in Africa  –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 14 – Alask and its Grizzly  bears –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 13 – Volunteering at New Hope, Mombasa  –


Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 12 – Yosemite and San Diego Zoo in brief  –


Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 11 – Cruising around America in a Motorhome  –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 10 – Yellowstone National Park  –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 9 – Marine Iguanas & Giant Tortoises of Galapagos  –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 8 – Scene On Galapagos –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 7 – Amazon Jungle –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 6 – Mounting Climbing Huayna Potosi –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 5 – Vindaloo –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 4 – Antarctica pt 2 –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 3 – Antarctica pt 1 –


Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 2 – The Pantanal –

Pete Ockleshaw – Webisode 1 – Iguazu Falls –

  • Mum

    I am loving it all kids

  • Rory

    V good pete. Keep them coming.

  • katherinesherry

    OMG guys, the videos are fabulous! Pete you are a natural.
    Antarctica looked absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see more.
    Keep enjoying the trip of a lifetime.
    Katherine x

  • Helen Pyman

    You two are amazing. Tom sent it to me and I have just come home from work and loved it. Great photos,great commentary, good looking star, and very interesting. Keep it up and enjoy. Love Helen Pyman (Fethers)

  • Cathy

    Pete, I cant believe after all the curries you refused at home that you just consumed a very hot vindaloo!! well done, great video.
    Mum xx

  • Amy

    Webisode 8 – Galapagos is my favourite so far. Some amazing shots on what looks like a perfect day and nice to see the camera shy Elissa feature in the closing shot. Just showed Isaac and he said “that guy's like Stevie”. No swimming with rays please Pete.

  • Fethers

    Hey Pete and Elissa (Chook), Cathy is back in town soon. Happy Birthday to you Pete. I was there when they were trying to get their skype ready for you but I was no help. I got Cathy and debbie but no sound. Hope they got it working for you. Enjoy your freedom, laughter and fun. Love all your videos. I am expecting two new Hogan children. Amy and Charlies 3rd. and Tom and Sherryns 2nd. All about the same time as Banjo's brother or sister.Keep it coming. You are a star Pete. Love Me x

  • Megockleshaw

    Great documentary on Yellowstone National Park Pete and Liss!!
    Meg x

  • Lal

    Just trawled through 10 episodes. Although I've seen a few before, I didn't hesitate to watch them again. well done you two. We look forward to more episodes, and then to see you again in Oz.


  • Thanks Lal, you legend, I hope you enjoyed them…..

  • Meg

    Galapagos videos are awesome Pete and Liss – honestly made me want to go there. The footage of the shark under water with you was pretty amazing, I assume you felt safe given there were so many fish around … would you consider a shark only dangerous if it's hungry?
    Love the credits at the end too!!!

  • Anton Feely

    Hey mate this is great stuff! I'm on to it late after my bro just passed on the link. Very timely as looking to book an African safari soon!  Keep it up – Anton

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