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Ecuador – Quito and The Amazon

Flying from Bolivia to Ecuador we touched down in the capital city of Quito. On recommendation we stayed downtown in the Mariscal area which was close to great bars, restaurants and plenty of Travel Agencies (we went with a place called Gulliver’s Travels) where we booked our first activity – a trip to the Amazon.

Bolivia – Climbing a Mountain called Huayna Potosi

Hiking up huge mountains was never on our agenda when embarking on this trip. However its not everyday that at a bus terminal in La Paz, you randomly bump into a mate from Melbourne who convinces (well) one of us anyway to climb a mountain 6088m high.

Bolivia – La Paz and Star of India Curry House

We decided to dine out at the highest curry house in the world, 3600 metres high, which claims to have the hottest curry in South America. If you finish their hottest vindaloo you receive a free t-shirt, telling the world of your achievement. The free t-shirt was enough of a incentive for us to give it go. What a mistake that idea was…..

Bolivia – Salt Flats

Another very popular tour we took in Bolivia is a Salt Flats Tour. An overnight bus from La Paz to Uyuni is the best way to take this Tour, although look into train timetables because that can possibly work. Note that the roads in Bolivia are pretty, actually very ordinary and so the bus ride was a really bumpy one.

Bolivia – Lake Titicaca and Isle de Sol

From our amazing journey through Antarctica we flew north East to Bolivia. Those we knew who had been to South America (Nick Ockleshaw has been there, he may have told you that already though) told us that Bolivia is a must do country – heaps to do and really inexpensive.

Antarctica – The Journey Part 2

Check out Part 2 of our trip to Antarctica on the Youtube link on right hand side of Homepage or click link below. Click here: httpv:// Enjoy

Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia

Tigers in India
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