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English Countryside – Brighton, Bath and Beyond….

Brighton Beach. Southern England

Brighton is really the closest thing the UK has to a beach. Actually it is a beach but not like we know them. The sand is pebbles and they are large ones at that, but it is a nice coastal town that is worth a visit if you have time to get out of London. It takes an hour and a half by train but the cost of a return train ticket (approx £20 pp) is not much cheaper than hiring a car so if we had our time again we would drive therefore giving us more freedom….

UK – English countryside, Scotland and Wales

A lazy day of punting. Students earn a few quid taking passengers around Exclusive and beautiful Cambridge University

We were very keen to see the English countryside and then make our way to the neighbouring Scotland and Wales before we ventured overseas to mainland Europe. Did you know that Scotland, England and Wales are not technically independent countries. The country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain (but don’t make the same mistake Pete made and tell a Scotsman that). We hired a car and spent the next week or so driving around Great Britain. Cambridge University was our first stop which was an hour and a half north of London…

Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia

Tigers in India
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