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Thanks for your patience….

Dear loyal readers,
We apologize for our lack of postings, our main computer is broken (and it’s very difficult to fix a Mac in Tanzania). We thank you for your patience and will hopefully get something up shortly.

In case you are wondering what’s been happening well, since skiing in Austria we spent an amazing three weeks with Elissa’s parents, Mike and Leonie Nolan, including a white Christmas in Switzerland, France, Belguim and Holland and we are currently enjoying the beaches of Zanzibar after travelling through Eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda include Gorilla trekking and now Tanzania) which has been and still is incredible!!! Therefore we will have plenty of great posts coming to you soon…..

Many thanks again for you patience. We are as disappointed as you are, we can assure you we can’t update quicker.

Cheers from Elissa and Pete

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