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Alaska, USA

Alaska landscape is stunning every direction you look!!!

Sadly our time in America was coming to an end. We had spent a total of  2.5 months on this incredibly diverse continent and our last stop was Alaska. This state is the largest in the US, in fact it is twice the size of Texas, yet only a small amount of it is accessible by road. We arrived in Anchorage and started planning a 7 day adventure:

Maine, USA

Pete and Bernadette sampling

We were thrilled to be invited to spend the 4th July with Carl and Bridg’s family in Maine – a weekend of fireworks, campfires, water skiing and… a lot of fried chicken.

Rhode Island, USA


We hired a car for a day in Boston and drove to the smallest US state called Rhode Island (one and half hours). It is an extremely beautiful place, especially in Newport which as the former host of America’s Cup (1930 – 1983) has a huge yachting culture. In fact we were lucky enough to be there on the day when the America’s cup was on display. A boat from Newport won the Cup for 2010.

Boston, USA

Two men and a baby...

After a frantic week in New York, we were looking forward to putting up our feet on a 4 hour bus ride to Boston.We were on another Megabus which is a great way to travel between main cities in the US. The bus fares are so cheap and there is WIFI on board so a good time to catch up on emails etc.

New York, New York, USA


After relaxing on the beach in Long Beach Island, we were on our way to a place that is probably not relaxing but a huge drawcard due to the excitement and hustle bustle of one of the best cities in the world – NEW YORK!

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Looking out from Nancy and Mike

Some time back we were sitting on a train at Mexico Airport being transferred between terminals and we started talking to an American lady called Nancy. We spoke to her for all of 2 minutes within which time she was kind enough to ask us to come and stay with her in Philadelphia when we eventually got to the East Coast. Well a couple of months later we travelled by Bus from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia and thought lets just place the call. Before we knew it, we were on a train and making our way to the Coast as Nancy and her husband Mike invited us to their holiday house, in Long Beach Island, NJ ( a couple of hours by train from Philli).

Washington D.C., USA

The Whitehouse is amazingly assessable (at least to the gate anyway)! Barack wasn

From Chicago we flew east to Washington D.C. to begin our tour of the East Coast. While we didn’t have long in Washington we knew there were a few things that we just had to see, and we recommend seeing the US capital if you are planning a visit to eastern america. It only requires a day to see things like:

Chicago, Illinois

Us and our mountain of a meal. Deep Dish Pizza

With no RV anymore we were back to Trains, Planes and Automobiles and a new search of where to stay. So our next stop was Chicago. Its the biggest city in the state of Illinois but is not the capital. This is the case with a lot of states – the obvious big city in the state is not the capital. (Test it out). Anyway we decided to visit the windy city and we were glad we did. It is a terrific city to walk around and we found it very easy to navigate around, with a map of course. There is so much to do and so in no particular order, we have listed our recommendations:

Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia

Tigers in India
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