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RV Trip USA – San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is renowned as one of the best zoos in the world. Pete had always wanted to visit this place so we got back on the road and headed down from LA to San Diego. San Diego is extremely close to the Mexican border and is about two hours from LA.
This zoo really is an incredible place and deserves it first class status. It has a terrific range of animals (4000 or s0), like giant pandas, Indian rhinos and polar bears to name a few and most of the exhibits in which the animals are displayed are fantastic. Both enriching/stimulating for the animals and pleasant to look at for the visitor.

Javan Rhinos are rare. Pete was really excited to see them in the flesh

Indian Rhinos are rare. Pete was really excited to see them in the flesh

There are numerous ways to get around the vast site that most other zoos don’t have, ¬†like an aerial cable car that takes you from one end to the other, giving you a birds eye view. There is also a guided bus tour that takes you past most of the exhibits. The conservation team at the zoo is involved in projects in more than 35 countries worldwide which is another good reason to visit.

Tickets to enter the zoo are a little more expensive than other zoos at a cost $35 USD per person and parking is free.

By The Shaw highly recommends this zoo.

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