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Florida, Miami

We were sad to leave the continent of South America but we were very excited to get to North America and we started that leg in Miami, Florida, USA. We would think most people have heard of Miami Beach and we were keen to see it for ourselves.

Miami is a fabulous place to visit. The beach itself is massive, the surf isn’t, the bar seen is alive and shopping is pretty good. We stayed at a hotel called The Majestic Hotel, on Ocean drive in South Beach Miami, for approx $85usd a night. This was one of the cheapest places within such a popular tourist area and being so close to the beach.

From Miami we also took a short tour to the Everglades which quite frankly was pretty tacky. We had a ride on a boat propelled by a big fan, and saw a few American alligators but we would have been better off visiting the Everglades on our own and seeing them for what they really are, which is an amazing wetlands. A trip for another time….

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