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Galapagos Islands – Part 2 of 2

Following from Galapagos Islands Part 1 of 2 Post: More detail of our  journey through the Islands and what each Island offered us and ultimately why we were stoked with our choice…. Although we werent so thrilled with the actual vessel we went on, The Princess of Galapagos wasn’t quite a princess after all. She wreaked of marine fuel and was perhaps a tad too small for 16 guests. Our guide was tremendous and most of the crew were awesome and the food was above par (not awesome but satifactory). On a budget of $1000 usd per person, that’s what you will get.

Once again though don’t spend your money on the ride to the islands invest in where the ride will go.:

We chose to see as many of the Islands as possible the 8 day voyage would allow. You might need to look at the google map (zoomed) on our homepage to follow this dialogue but its worth knowing what each island can offer. Our journey started at San Christobel Island (Capital of Galapagos) where we visited a beautiful beach and swam with sea turtles and sea lions. Then we went to Espanola Island where we walked amongst a waved albatross breeding colony as well as enjoying sharing a beach covered in Sea Lions (see video) for the afternoon, snorkelling was amazing there as well.

Next destination was Santa Maria Island, saw Flamingos, a massive school of  rays from the safety of the beach, snorkelled with sea lions and countless other tropical fish (see video) and visited a historical mailbox where we left our post card for another traveller to hand deliver.

Our forth Island was the largest, Isabela Island where we visited a breeding centre for giant tortoises. From there to Santa Cruz to visit the Darwin Research station and some giant tortoises in the wild (not too hard to find) as well as some free time on a beach called Tortuga, which is stunning.

Close by Santa Cruz we then went to Isla Seymour Norte which where was saw the amazing frigate bird (see photos below – male frigits have the red throat balloons) and boobies (blue footed and nazcar). Then we hopped over to Baltra Island for some cracking snorkelling and a great view from atop a volcano. Further onto Islas Plaza to see some Land Iguanas (as opposed to Marine Iguanas – which we saw nearly every place we went) and a sea lion colony (mainly young bulls). On our way back to our starting point we visited Santa Fe Island where we snorkelled with a humungous school of fish and watch with our our eyes (though our mask of course) sharks feeding on the fish (herring from memory). We then sailed back to Christobel Island to finish up at the Galapagos Interpretation centre and a browse through the town.

Now I tell you all this because we couldn’t fault our itinerary and its one thing you need to think about before booking you trip to Galapagos Island.

Below are the photos from the second half of our absolutely kickass trip:


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