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Galapagos Islands – Part 1 of 2

Galapagos Islands was our next destination and it was a highly anticipated one, that didn’t let us down. We spent 8 days in these paradise islands and it is up there with the best place we’ve ever been to.

There were amazing beaches, crystal clear waters that were a beautiful temperature, abundant wildlife at arms reach and stunning landscape. We hiked, snorkelled, crawled through caves, climbed mountains and relaxed on the beaches or our ship in the constantly fantastic weather. If there is a aradise better than this place we would like to know where it is….

Check out the pictures, but please keep reading our more detailed experience after seeing the pics, just in case Galapagos was or wasn’t on you future travelling agenda. It should be!!!!

Galapagos Islands is located 1000miles West of the coast of Ecuador. It actually belongs to Ecuador (after being under the rule of several nations- but we’re not here to give you a history lesson, you might have to Google that one).

It consists of over a dozen Volcanic Islands of varying sizes that have been isolated for long enough to open the eyes of an extremely famous scientist by the name of Charles Darwin. Ultimately for us, it was Charlie that put Galapagos on our radar. From his findings he produced his most famous works and his theory of Evolution. But enough said about that because once again  we are not hear to give you a history lesson.

To get to Galapagos you basically have to fly (sailing is not at all common and takes days and days) with a company that has a monopoly on the journey Aerogal from either Quito or Guayaquil.

Before you get there we advise you book a tour for either 5 days or 8 days. You can get some really good last minute deals from travel agents in Quito or Guyaquil, so there is no need to book over the internet months before unless its really really peak season. If you get to the islands and plan to make your own way around its not as easy and you think, and its not much cheaper if cheaper at all.

We paid $1000 USD each for a twin cabin with ensuite, which included all meals and a voyage around the islands. The main decision is what you want to see and therefore what islands you want to go to as the voyages differ. More info about the option will come in Galapagos Pt 2. (shortly)

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