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Ecuador – Quito and The Amazon

Flying from Bolivia to Ecuador we touched down in the capital city of Quito. On recommendation we stayed downtown in the Mariscal area which was close to great bars, restaurants and plenty of Travel Agencies (we went with a place called Gulliver’s Travels) where we booked our first activity – a trip to the Amazon.

An overnight bus (yes another one) to a town called Lago Agrio. The bus left Quito at 11pm and we arrived at about 7am. We were then met by our guide, Washington and taken by shuttle for another 2.5 hours to the Cuybena River. From there we were taken by boat to our lodge – Jamu Lodge. The boat trip was epic – we were in the thick of Amazon Basin.

The itinerary for the next 3 days included:

:: Swimming with Pink Dolphins

:: Trekking through Tarantula infested rainforest

:: Boat trips in search of Caiman

:: Meeting local communities

:: Night walks through the Jungle

While we didn’t see the much hoped for Jaguar, these pics give you an overview of the 3 day trip.

Oh and by the way, there is a saying in the Amazon….

In the dry season it rains everyday, in the wet season it rains all day. We must have arrived just as the wet season started.

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