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Bolivia – Climbing a Mountain called Huayna Potosi

Hiking up huge mountains was never on our agenda when embarking on this trip. However its not everyday that at a bus terminal in La Paz, you randomly bump into a mate from Melbourne who convinces (well) one of us anyway to climb a mountain 6088m high.

We have attached a video of the epic journey below, we hope you enjoy. Also we have attached some photos below the video and some information for those who want to consider this Hardcore climb!!!! Hope you enjoy…..


Climbing this VERY Accessible Mountain:

We booked through a tour company called, although there are a lot that have guides who will literally walk you through the 3 day journey. Day one is a drive to base camp, which is only 2 hours from La Paz, then over the next day and a half you have an awesome practise/training session which involves climbing claciers (not very high) using your ice axes and crampons (ice shoes), which are provided. And on the 3rd day, at 1am mind you, you start your journey for the summit. Which takes around 6 hours, if you make it….

Cost: $150 USD – which is unbelievably cheap for this higher mountain.

Good luck

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