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Bolivia – La Paz and Star of India Curry House

We decided to dine out at the highest curry house in the world, 3600 metres high, which claims to have the hottest curry in South America. If you finish their hottest vindaloo you receive a free t-shirt, telling the world of your achievement. The free t-shirt was enough of a incentive for us to give it go. What a mistake that idea was. The worst, most excruciating meal we ever eaten….. Not recommended by, unless of course you enjoy a serious (never ever again) challenge!!

Somewhere we did enjoy a meal was the Blue Note Cafe, in La Paz. English speaking, nice friendly pub-like place, with good food and pretty good wine.

  • davidjg

    Did you eat the red chilli garnish? Crazy man

  • The truth is Vic, I gave about 5 big spoon fulls to Liss (who was struggling a bit more than I was) so only one of us could take home the t-shirt….. I feel terrible… should I?????

  • In the rules it wasn’t required so I didn”t but I could have easily- what do you G?

  • Love Ya Razor

  • Love you too Horsey!!!

  • Horse

    Love it!!!

  • Quinn

    V Good Shaw, Gold.

  • vic2

    As the menu suggests you are – loco!!

    Liss – did you also get a t-shirt?

  • Sj

    Pedro, firstly you're a nut case and secondly I hope the exit wasn't as painful as the entrance!! Loving the Webisodes mate, keep em coming. Sj

  • Annie Storey

    Pete & Chook, We are in stitches watching this website – keep it coming.
    Chook – camera work is outstanding.
    Look after your sleves and ease up on the curry. Love Annie and Dave x x

  • Gerardine Isworth

    Wow have just caught up on the latest amazing

  • silkyskydiver72

    how were the non silly-hot vindaloo curries!?

  • Yeah, by all accounts the non silly-hot curries were delicious… I couldn’t taste anything but my friends enjoyed them! thanks for the comment.

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