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Bolivia – Salt Flats

Another very popular tour we took in Bolivia is a Salt Flats Tour. An overnight bus from La Paz to Uyuni is the best way to take this Tour, although look into train timetables because that can possibly work. Note that the roads in Bolivia are pretty, actually very ordinary and so the bus ride was a really bumpy one. Consider spending one night in Uyuni before starting the tour as when we got there in the morning we felt sleep deprived and unkempt before we had to start our tour at 11am that morning.

Once you arrive in Uyuni there are so many tour agencies that will claim to provide the best tour for the best price – but they are all pretty much the same.

The cost of the Salt Flats Tour is approximately $100 US but make sure you do a little bargaining to ge the best price. The tour included:

:: A 4WD Land Cruiser that transports a group of 6
:: A driver
:: All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
:: 2 nights accommodation (the first night we stayed in a Salt Hotel – everything made of Salt and the 2nd night was in a very basic compound) No creature comforts here and accommodation is all 6 bed dorms but by the first night you have gotten to know your group of 6 quite well so its all good fun.

The first day of the tour consists of the following:
:: A visit to the Train Cemetery
:: A tour of the Salt Flats and an opportunity to take creative photos (plenty to check out)
:: A sunset tour

Day 2:
:: A short visit to Devil’s Cave
:: A day of driving past Volcano’s and numerous lagoons where you can see beautiful Flamingo’s

Day 3:
:: A very early start to see Geiser’s and then a very enjoyable bath in a natural hot spring
:: A scenic drive back to Uyuni

We loved this tour! The scenery is pretty amazing but if you don’t have much time then at least do a one day tour just to see the Salt Flats.

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