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Bolivia – Lake Titicaca and Isle de Sol

From our amazing journey through Antarctica we flew north East to Bolivia. Those we knew who had been to South America (Nick Ockleshaw has been there, he may have told you that already though) told us that Bolivia is a must do country – heaps to do and really inexpensive.

We landed in La Paz which is one of two capitals of Bolivia, and being at an altitude of 3,660 metres makes it the highest capital city in the world. Which also means when you fly from 0 metres above sea level to that higher altitude you can feel the affects of altitude sickness. We weren’t too bad though.

We soon learnt that there was heaps to do in La Paz and that what was going to be a 4 day stay would be longer.

Our first sight seeing venture was to Lake Titicaca where we stayed for a night on this beautiful island called Isle de Sol. Just going to see the Island is probably not worth the trip, staying there makes it heaps better.

We stayed in a place called Hotel de Sol which faced west (most hotels faced east) and therefore gave us awesome views of the sunset. See Accommodation for our hotel rating. When we woke up we just need to raise our heads and we could see all across the lake. It was a cracker view anytime of the day. The village life is like something you’d see 50 years ago. They use very little electricity, no mechanical vehicles apart from the boats that get you to the islands. The donkeys work their ass off all day. Starting at 5:30am they haul firstly water and then other supplies up the huge hill and finish t sundown. It hard not to feel sorry for them….

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and the whole trip to it and to Isle de Sol is relatively cheap and exercise to make the trip to the isle and well worth it. We had a guide for the couple of days we were there and although she was really helpful when we could understand her limited English, we didn’t need her so we would advise not to get one. In the lake they fish trout which we tried and found to be very nice.

  • Bridge

    Those photos are awesome! So good to see your smiling faces!!

  • Rory

    Gold Olckleshaw(s) pure gold. Yatesie would be proud of your Antarctica video.

  • Thanks Razor, I did it for your mate Yatesie, can you let him know to tune in!!!

  • We really enjoyed Isla del Sol as well. We left our main bags and took a spectacular walk around the edges of Lake Titicaca from Copacabana to a small fishing village. Here we got a fisherman to take us in his boat to the Inca Staircase (one hell of a climb after a 17km high altitude walk!) We stayed overnight here and then trecked the length of the island to the north, staying overnight there before taking a public boat the following morning back to Copacabana. A great little adventure!

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