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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Based on recommendations from several friends, we made our way to Ipanema. We were told that Ipanema was the safest and nicest area to stay. Check out our page on Accommodation for details of where we stayed….

With only two full days to check out Rio, we managed to fit in a few touristy things…

The beach – are full of tanned beach blokes and babes who sit comfortably under umbrellas eating ice-creams and ordering drinks from nearby vendors.

Sugarloaf – an amazing Cable Car that took us to the peak of the Mountain for spectacular views of the entire city and Christ Redeemer. At the time we were there, Christ Redeemer had scaffolding all around it so we made the decision to admire it from afar.

Shopping Strips – are packed full of clothing stores, swimwear. costmetics and a great selection of restaurants, bars and Samba shows to see. These strips also sell Haviana thongs at just about every supermarket, pharmacy in addition to actual Haviana stores….They are now making Haviana´s with Swarkovski Crystals that cost over $100 USD.

The local markets in Ipanema are definitely worth checking out – the most incredible display of fresh fruit, fish, flowers and baked pastries; a real combination. Stall sellers are so convinced that they have the very best that they are more than happy for you to sample their goods. Don’t even bother going out for breakfast before visiting these markets as you will definitely fill up on plenty of delicious fruit.

Tours – there are plenty of tour companies offering you day trips around Rio De Janeiro. The cost includes tour guide, transport, all entrance fees  into Sugarloaf, Christ Redeemer and Tijuca Rainforest and lunch. However if you prefer to check it all out yourself (which we did), public buses are regular and easy to catch to each location and what we liked was that we could spend more time at the destinations.

Recommendation – We didn´t get the chance to check out a game at the Maracana Soccer Stadium however if you get the chance, its apparently a great night out.

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