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Iguazu Falls

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There are a couple of ways to make your way to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires. We chose a 19 hour bus ride that left at 8pm and arrived in the town around 3pm the following day. While a 19 hours sounds a little tiring, buses in South America are made for comfort and our seats turned into pretty goods beds when we needed them to. N.B. These seats are called a ‘Cama Suite’. So a big tick for comfort however do not expect much from the meals included (Dinner and Breakfast) – just pack a few snacks before you leave.
The actual town of Iguazu (in Argentina) is quite cute. There are plenty of restaurants, shops and bars to keep you entertained when you are not at the Falls.

Most hostels and hotels will arrange transportation to and from the Falls otherwise public buses operate regularly.

Allow one full day to walk around the Falls on the Argentinian side. We then crossed the border to Brazil the next day and spent a night there as seeing the falls from Brazil gives you another awesome perspective – you only need half a day to get around this side.

<p>The Falls are 2.7kms wide between Argentina and Brazil</p>

The Falls are 2.7kms wide between Argentina and Brazil

One of 275 waterfalls at Iguazu Falls

One of 275 waterfalls at Iguazu Falls


Bus Company: (one way tickets are approximately AUD $75 per person)

Accommodation: View all accommodation from the ‘Accommodations’ tab on home page.


Iguazu Falls Entry Fee: AUD $30 per person

Bus Transfer (return): AUD $5 per person

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